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HangarStack Editions

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Price BUY NOW: $275 for 1 mo.
BUY NOW: $475 for 2 mo.
BUY NOW: $675 for 3 mo.
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$ 1,500/yr.+
This is min. first-year pricing, is often higher, and is quoted based on your hangars/ramps (renewal is less).
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Ideal Use Quick fit of aircraft (includes no custom hangar/ramp graphics). FBOs, MROs, military, special events, operators of multiple hangars and ramps. Custom graphics show your exact operation.
Custom Hangar/Ramp Graphics - Included. We draw all aspects of your hangars/ramps in great detail, to exact scale.
Builder Module (Resizable Floor) Includes 1 resizable floor (can resize it as much as needed at any time).
Add 3 floors: $ 150/mo.
Can be included for extra fee.
Full 600+ Aircraft Database, Hotspots, Printable Layouts, Remembered Aircraft, Easy Tow Target Aircraft Movement Included Included
Daily Schedule Feature - Included. This allows easy daily scheduling of aircraft.
Number of Saved Layouts 5 Unlimited
Number of User Logins 1 Unlimited
Tech Support - Email/Phone within 24 hrs.
Online access, Win/Mac/iPad Included Included
Renewal/Cancellation Cancel at end of period or buy more months as needed. Paid up-front for first 12 months, then renewed at reduced cost for each year thereafter.
How long we store your data if you don't renew Removed at expiration unless renewed prior Removed 90 days after expiration unless renewed prior

HangarStack For You.

HangarStack is way better than the competition.   It's easier.  Faster.  More features.  Better tech support.  With real aviation people behind it.  We'll take good care of you—we genuinely care about your operation.  Your profitability, risk reduction, and ease of use is our top priority.  HangarStack requires an Internet connection, and works with Windows™, Mac™, and tablet devices. Your operation will have its own account and hangar graphics. Upon opening your HangarStack account, our staff will work with you to obtain blueprints of your hangars and/or ramp space, enabling us to redraw your hangar/ramp space for use in HangarStack (Premium Edition). Our database of aircraft is constantly updated. If you require an aircraft which is not in our database, we will draw the aircraft as rapidly as possible for inclusion in the database. There is no additional charge to add aircraft that are not in our database.


Consider changing your mind.  We'll gladly call and demo HangarStack—you'll find how easy and useful HangarStack is to your operation.  We can offer competitive pricing to transition from them to us.  We don't just want your business—we are 100% certain HangarStack has features and usability that our competitors can't come close to.  Let us convince you.


HangarStack can accomodate as many hangar or ramp spaces you require (Premium Edition).   Additional charges apply.  Contact us for pricing for additional hangars or ramps.


Join our network of FBOs, MROs, private hangar operators, developers, and airlines who have streamlined their ramp and hangar operations in the first 12 months of using HangarStack.

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